Classes are in session!
 SPECIAL - $275.00
- 40 hour D (unarmed), 28 hour G (armed), Concealed Weapons Permit class and Baton, O.C. Spray,  Handcuff Class: $275.00 for
- $140.00
40Hr. D Class (Unarmed) Every Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
This is the minimum requirement in order to acquire the Florida security guard license. You pay the state licensing fee by sending a money order to Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing. The security guard license is valid for two (2) years.
- $180.00 
 28Hr. G Class: 8:00 to 5:30 pm. Call for schedule. 
Other Available Classes     
- 4 Hour Yearly Re-qualification - $75.00
- Concealed Carry Permit Class - $75.00
- Handcuff, Baton & O.C. Spray Class -$75.00

We will be closed until Monday, July 17, 2017. Leave a message if you wish to take a class that week.
40-Hour Training Certificate
The 40-hour pre-assignment training certificate is the minimum requirement to work in security in Florida. This training class is developed in accordance with the Florida Security Guard Statute and presents an overview of a security guard's duties and responsibilities under the law. The certificate is earned by passing the exam at the end of the class.

This 40-hour training certificate must be kept as permanent record of your completion of the course. Under the law, you must produce the original 40-hour training certificate upon the request of an employer.
This training class is completed only once during your career. Application for the Florida security guard license must be a made with a copy of the certificate. 
4-Hour Requalification
4-hour Requalification class is required. Annual-In service training is required by law every year to keep certification current.
         Armed Security Training Courses
The 28-hour Firearm Training Course is designed for security officers and other personnel who must carry a weapon in the performance of their duties. The program incorporates both classroom instruction and practical range instruction.
The course emphasizes when the use of a weapon is justified, the law regarding the use of deadly physical force, the proper handling of a weapon, weapon safety, and weapon use.
Annual recertification training is required to satisfy Florida State Statute.
Florida Certified:
* 28 Hour Armed Security Guard 'G' Training
* 4 Hour Annual Armed Guard Requalification

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5115 Silver Star Rd. - Orlando, FL 32808 | Phone: 407-914-2982 - Fax: 407-440-4482
Rene's Security and Training Academy provides security and concealed weapons training and courses in Orlando, FL, covering a wide range of topics and techniques.  Our armed and unarmed security training covers all actions, skills, weapons and procedures you need to serve as a licensed security guard in Florida.  Our concealed weapons courses provide proper instruction on carrying, keeping and using a concealed weapons permit, and how to obtain yours.
Courses are available throughout the year to students of varying experience and knowledge.  Each class is designed to provide complete instruction in all topics and gives you hands-on experience to prepare for real-world situations.  Lead by an experienced weapons and security expert, you will learn how to properly use batons, defensive spray, handcuffs and firearms, and how to appropriately disable an opponent. Classroom instruction mixed with field and firing range experience allows each student to understand their responsibility, use all weapons safely, protect unarmed individuals and resolve violent situations calmly and effectively.
40 hour and 28 hour classes are available with varying structures to accommodate your schedule.  Call or stop in today to sign up and learn more about any armed, unarmed or concealed weapons class.